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  • BowBread is owned and operated by me, Tim Bowden, with support from my wife Monica. 

    My email address is:

    Our bread is sold at Farmer's Markets. For convenience, you may want to order online using this website and pick up at the Markets.  Or send me an email with your request and contact info and I'll have your package ready for you at the market.

    We are a Cottage Food business, which means we operate from our commercial-ish home kitchen. We bake our bread in our Rackmaster RM2020 Brick Bread Oven. It has three decks so we can bake 15 to 18 loaves at a time while maintaining strict Artisan results. As our little business grows, we will add more ovens, but our plan is to stay modest and provide for our loyal local customers with the best bread to be had anywhere.

    Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so we can let you know the Market locations and schedule, product availability and new products.

    Bread not sold by the end-of-day is donated to the Hereford Food Bank in Monkton. You can donate
    too - 410-343-0660 ext. 2,

    Let us know if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Email:

    Thank you for considering BowBread Bakery, we appreciate you very much.

  • Herman is my name for our sourdough starter.  Herman was my best friend for a long time.  He was the first dog I owned as a young adult. We baked bread together (he watched, advised, and ate) for 16 years.  Now, I often think about him while I make bread.  I enjoy saying his name, which I can do frequently because - you know - Herman is my sourdough starter.  Just like Herman, I have to feed the starter (at least) twice a day and make sure everything needed to stay healthy is provided.  It was/is comforting on so many levels.

    Here is a watercolor image of Herman that my amazing daughter had painted for me.  BTW, my wife, son and daughter all took a pass on having my starter named after them, so it worked out okay.  I just don't want you to think that I didn't ask first.  So, when you read or hear about Herman, this is his-my-our story.

  • Making good bread is amazingly complicated, time consuming and resource intensive. Nonetheless, bread ingredients are pretty simple. You create a sourdough starter (Herman), which is a live fermented culture of organic high-protein flour and water, which takes the place of dry yeast. You add the starter to more organic high-protein flour, fine sea salt and more water. For different recipes you add other ingredients that add flavor and texture to the bread. Form it into a loaf, throw it in an oven to bake, and there you have it - bread. Sounds simple, but it's really not...

    You can be confident that BowBread uses only 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients. To the extent possible we source everything locally. Our organic flour is never bleached nor bromated and there are no added ingredients you will find in commercial bread like thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin or folic acid.

    Our bread does contain some gluten, it's not vegan and if you have food allergies you should be careful as it may not be a good choice for you.